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We are specialized in education technology field, we have developed alot of educational solutions like Amazing education,, The social LMS, Askme, Amazing Labs and Interactive books for different curriculum with 360 images, Labs, Hologram and VR technologies. Our vision is to transform education and make the new education technologies available to everyone at extremely low cost, we are trying to change the way of learning to suit the 21st century and change the education to be FUN.

Amazing Education

Activity series

Amazing Education

Amazing Education is the largest educational software in MENA , it is the first cross platform program which converts the traditional way in education to a more interactive and immersive way

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Our Books

Computer Activity Series Books .

The first educational social network which contains the largest questions and videos banks , also it allow teachers to add questions exams and send tasks to their students . Also it contains a school management system and a follow up system for Supervisors , Mangers and Teachers and a lot more Features

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Daleel ElTafouk series

It is a series of books starting from 4th grade to 3rd preparatory grade available in Arabic and English, it is an alternative book for the governmental computer curriculum where the book contains explanation for each lesson, solved questions, unsolved questions, summary for the exam's night, solved exams, unsolved exams and governmental exams

The Social LMS

It is the first Social education LMS where the school can add all the students' data, grades, fees, daily attendance, grades, bus routes and a lot more, all of these beside a complete educational system where teachers can add questions, exams, send tasks to their students and record their own videos also the students can make interactive research, access our questions and videos bank and a lot more features. All of the above in a complete social network where users can send friend requests to each other and send posts, comments also there is a page for each subject which shows everything about the subject.

Ask Me

Askme is a real-time quizzing system where the teacher can ask the question and all the students answer them and the teacher can view results in details for each student , so all the students can engage with the teacher.

Focus Connect

It is a messaging application like whatsapp but it only connects the parents with the teachers and the principal so they can chat in private and securely under the supervision of the school principal

Focus Quiz

A new innovative app contains more than 1000 question in each subject on the Egyptian curriculum with 9 Types of questions :

  • 1 MCQ
  • 2 True or False
  • 3 Essay
  • 4 Listening
  • 5 Match
  • 6 Fill in the spaces
  • 7 Rearrange
  • 8 Select from the picture
  • 9 What the spot refers to ?
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Other Educational Solutions

The Amazing Labs : Amazing Labs is a (Physical – Chemical – Biological) Lab where the students can do all the experiments safely without any hazards.

Interactive Books : A cross platform offline app which converts the curriculum to interactive curriculum containing videos, hologram videos, VR videos, quizzes and games.

VR games : Educational games using google cardboard with VR Technologies.

AR Books : Is a software on the schools' books which uses AR technology to transform the school book to an interactive world.

Our Partners

  • Synods of the nile schools
  • Victoria College Maadi
  • Lycee Alexandria
  • Sidi Gaber Schools
  • Amon Schools
  • Smart Language School
  • Pakistani English schools in Kuwait
  • And more than 200 Schools

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